Keep Title Number on Export Command Line

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Keep Title Number on Export Command Line

Post by WilfredHarmony » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:24 am

I know there are a lot of topics on naming the MKV file on export but I have a specific need. All I want is to be able to tell which title of the DVD the MKV originally came from.

For example :

I'm converting a large number of TV Series from DVD folders and I have title to episode/season matching all in XML. But because MakeMKV names them in the order they were exported I don't know which title they were anymore. I know in expert mode I can change the name but I need it to be in the command line so I can automate this whole process. I'm so close to having this whole thing scripted but didn't take into account not knowing the title # after conversion.

I'm thinking this is a feature request but thought I would ask the forum to see if anyone has run into this or knows of a solution.

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