MakeMKV errors classification

You were directed to this page because MakeMKV encountered errors during processing. These errors all fall into one category usually caused by a single failure. The detailed error description is below.

Read error

The ONLY reason for this error is inability of the drive to read the data from the disc. This is caused by a damaged disc, failing drive, or both. The error comes from the drive before MakeMKV has an opportunity to look at the data. Nothing else can cause this error - no protection, no software issue - only physical disc or drive damage.

Despite such easy explanation, usually the first user reaction is denial - "the disc is pristine clean", "this disc plays perfectly on my friend's player", "I've copied 100500 discs with this drive" are usual responses. Still, this doesn't change a fact that the read error can be caused only by inability of the drive to read the data from the disc.

The simple workaround is to copy all files from the disc to the hard drive manually, without MakeMKV running. If you succeed in this, there is a fast and simple way to convert such copy into encrypted MakeMKV backup that can be opened by MakeMKV later. See our forum for details.